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sandy christie

Sandy was Born in Methil, Fife, Scotland, and is curently based in London, UK

Recent projects

BBC Antiques Roadshow, (Co presented) - Antiques Roadshow detectives, Artist Sketchbooks

Sky Arts, Portrait artist of the year, series , Subconscious Portraits – Televised interview and portrait with Frank Skinner, Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow.


Death rattle shows, group show, Bethnal green London.

Are We Me ? Solo show, September 28th The Old Ambulance Depot Edinburgh.
Anything Anymore Anywhere, Readings, ‘The Souls of Golds’ + ‘Sandys Story’ City Art Centre, Edinburgh.
Too Ok, Colin Herd, book cover design, Commision, BlazeVox books.

'The Buy More Art' campaign, initiated.
Paper X 2 Published by Sandy Christie, Launch, + ‘Paper X the movie’ screening @ the Bowery. 
Self Made Cavalcade, New Art from Scotland, Akademie Galerie, Munich.
Artoscopic 3, Open submissions show curated by Sandy Christie, St Leonards Railway Tunnel, Edinburgh. 
Scotcampus, Commision ‘Sandys Strange Scotland’, Centre page.
Ten Tails DVD. Commision Wartales, Animation.
Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm Sweden.
Boneless Box, Embassy Gallery.
Kiss of a lifetime, Rogue Gallery, Manchester – London.
Echo @ Collective Gallery, film, ‘Padlocks’.

The Skinny, Sandy Christie, Local Art hero, Article.  
Blue Notebook Journal, Commision, artists page.
Bloid artists zine, Superclub, + Liverpool Biennale.
Artoscopic 2, Open submissions show Curated by Sandy Christie, St Leonards Railway, Edinburgh.
One Oclock Gun, Sandy Meets- Jekyll and Hyde.
Zine Workshop, host , Edinburgh College Of Art.
Collective Gallery, Artist book trio Fence, Wartales, and Scrambler' Published by Sandy Christie, + Paper X launch.
Echo, All can film night, The Gardens, film.
Embassy Gallery, Here we spontane.
Glasgow International - Artists Book Fair.
Paper X open submissions, project initiated, Edited and Published by Sandy Christie.
CCA, book fair, Glasgow.

Wee Red Herring, group Exhibition, Sandy Meets.
CCA book Fair, Sandy Meets 2.
One O Clock Gun, Special Sandy Meets, Tom Weir.
Forest Cafe Sandy Meets 2, Readings.   
Deadhead Comics, Sandy Meets 2 book launch 2nd leg.
Collective Gallery, Sandy Meets 2, Published by Sandy Christie.
Embassy Members Show, Gold members.
One O Clock Gun, Festival edition, Sandy Meets.
Artoscopic 1, Open submissions show, curated by Sandy Christie, St Leonards Railway tunnel.
Ana Talla Solias Gallery, Group Exhibition, Ullapool.
Lieth Festival, Art Weekender.
Textual Healing, Sandy meets, issue 1, Embassy Gallery.
CCA Book fair, Sandy Meets, Published by Sandy Christie, Issue 1, Glasgow.
Wee red Lounge, Group Exhibition, + Drawing Club.
Fresh Fest, Reading Film Festival, ‘Motherland’, film.

Forest Cafe, Film night, ‘The Naturals’.
Embassy Film and performance evening, ‘Sidney we love you’ + Reading. 
































Copyright © Sandy Christie 2007

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